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Our Brewery

Our Brewery

Founded in 1995, Bank Top Brewery is nestled in the former mill village of Bank Top in North Bolton. Our custom-built 11-barrel brew plant is housed in the picturesque Grade II listed tennis pavilion, where we brew an average of 22,000 pints per week.

We pride ourselves on using the finest quality raw ingredients, paying homage to the history of British brewing by using floor malt from the oldest working malting – Warminster Maltings (founded 1855) and also Crisp Malt (founded 1870). They both offer a diverse range of malts which is hand crafted by maltsters using methods and tools relied upon for over 165 years.

We always use the finest international hops sourced from Charles Faram who have been supplying hops for over 150 years. All of our fan-favourite flavours come from skilled ingredient mixing with no artificial colours or flavourings, by our talented brewing team.

As a member of SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers, a trade association established to promote and protect the interests of other independent breweries just like ourselves. As SIBA members, we strive to preserve the traditional styles and methods of brewing whilst raising the profile of craft beer.